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    Tapping Our Potential, We Transform Our Problems Using Technology Of Peace

    What is TOP ?

    TOP is designed and developed as a growing Upcycle platform with a lively network of people, NGOs and businesses helping each other in sustainable development.

    Sustainable development means Self development, Social development, Spiritual development and Simple.

    TOP aims to share the proper conditions and tools to create a community for people, businesses and organizations, where they participate in an ecosystem of share knowledge, tools, resources, energy and inspiration, and cooperate to build and grow well beyond their individual capacities.


    TOP principles and values:

    • TOP solutions improve the well-being of humans and mother nature

    • TOP inspires digital natives with open technology so that they can tackle existential community challenges such as food security and unemployment, making the shift from Permaculture to PermaTech

    • TOP leverages the wisdom of proven solutions and experiences

    • TOP is a platform for sharing replicable, sustainable solutions to real life challenges

    • TOP connects and encourages people and organizations to meet their own challenges in a sustainable way

    • TOP provides ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and Open Technology with an exponential social impact

    • TOP develops ecosystems (first one: from #farm to #cup of coffee) along the whole chain from the producer to the consumer, locally and internationally. Those ecosystems connecting NGOs and businesses are based on those TOP values while connecting human wisdom with technology and artificial intelligence.



    Eyal Bloch and Philippe Scheimann (see bio on IWA.org) initiated TOP Global in 2014 and TOP Kenya started two years after in cooperation with 6 NGOs and companies (Elimu TV, KWEN, RODI, SCOPE, Shofar, Yard) that have gone through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) training. In 2017 and in 2018, TOP led a “Connectedness and Leadership" course for social entrepreneurs affiliated to TOP Kenya combining ESD, open source technology and permaculture. In addition, TOP is also focusing on training how to document and share the processes and the solutions, so that they can be learned adjusted & implemented to other parts of Africa and the world. TOP Global is affiliated with IWA@Resolv Washington based NGO as well as with ENSA NGO based in France. TOP Kenya Ltd is a company with social responsibility owned by the 6 organizations (Elimu TV, KWEN, RODI, SCOPE, Shofar, Yard)


    Here is a very short sample of the activities of TOP Kenya Founding Organizations:

    • RODI (Resource Oriented Development Initiative): works with schools and prisons. Prisoners grow their own food, and become permaculture specialists

    • YARD: works with young girls at risk / prostitutes and teaches them to work in cosmetic salons/hairdressers.

    • SHOPHAR: a former headmaster, whose school and water purification system was visited by the President of Kenya and presented ESD at the UN in 2016.

    • ELIMU TV: broadcasts educational content to children who can't afford to go to school

    • SCOPE: a network of 18 NGOs introducing permaculture in schools

    • KWEN: a network of 4000 women entrepreneurs using table banking and micro financing.


    TOP has also made partnership agreements with other companies providing needed solutions:
    - GOIP Group, an IT company located in Kenya providing call centers for teachers. GOIP collaborates with TOP Kenya for setting up a call center, eplatform and an incubator developing PermaTech (Permaculture + HiTech) solutions for African farmers.
    - Prof. Sylviane Toporkoff, partner at items.fr, President of the Global Forum think tank conference is partner to TOP global.

    - Dr Walid El Kabed, CEO and co-founder of Global Data Excellence Ltd, TOP is the sole distributor of DEMS in Kenya.

    - Strauss Energy is a Kenyan company developing special solar panels and a way to produce water from humid air.

    - Thoughtgraph is a British company developing Debategraph.org, a web platform for visualizing and sharing information networks of thoughts.



    What has TOP done so far? TOP members are working on the following:
    - Collaboration with GoIP group for set up of a call center and incubator developing PermaTech
    (Permaculture + HiTech) solutions for African farmers. It can improve the yields and the
    income of many farmers, while reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides and increasing
    the consumption of healthier food.
    - Built his own CNC machine (Arduino and Raspberry PI) and already received some orders.
    This can help to use local resources, increase productivity and create jobs.
    -Built a plastic upcycling machine producing several products like oil, diesel from plastic, a
    machine that can help schools reduce their energy bills while reducing garbage.
    - Several others are setting up Steve’s Garage Kenya to train youth how to create their own
    simple, inexpensive and practical computers and robots to solve numerous technical issues.
    - Creating a receiver for the educational TV to $1K instead of $10K, in order to help
    thousands of pupils who dropped from schools due to poverty to study through the
    educational channel.
    - Building green-walls to help locals use vertical walls to produce healthy food which can also
    contribute to increase the income of people, school and communities in a very simple way,
    using plastic bottles and containers.
    - Creation of an ecosystem around coffee industry (
    see presentation given at Global Forum 2018)


    What makes TOP special from the other organizations ?
    1. We do not provide financial support to the local organizations
    2. We provide training locals to lead their own way to solve their own problems through Education for
    Sustainable Development and technical education
    3. Encouraging the participants to create their own companies with a social impact
    4. Local organizations participate in financing the courses.
    5. Mixing of the spirit of Israel, the start-up nation, bringing the best trainers and professional


    The TOP platform provides:

    • Holistic solutions encompassing economic & social/environmental factors
    • Explanations about how to solve problems, comprising multimedia illustrations (photos, clips), text, and open source software, if necessary
    • A list of the makers/inventors involved in the creation of the solutions with whom you can communicate directly
    • The opportunity to learn, contribute, apply and/or modify the existing solutions, and present new challenges


    • Addresses basic life necessities
    • Improves quality of life
    • Offers solutions based on simple and available materials, tools, and techniques so that they are fully sustainable
    • Offers solutions that are easily duplicated
    • Ensures minimum maintenance costs

    TOP technology distribution

    • TOP technology is distributed under a public treaty to be accessible to people in wherever they live.
    • TOP technology solutions and distribution models address social, economic, and environmental issues
    • TOP inventors and contributors are credited and fairly endorsed

    TOP Global invites organizations to be part of the alliance and contribute to its development.

    For more information please contact

  • Web of People

  • Inspiring Solutions

    Simple, replicable

    How to help starving children ? No more dropouts

    Providing rabbits (or substitutes) to families in need

    The Challenge: A schoolmaster at Nakuru school, Kenya found out that children did not come to school because they were starving at home.
    The Solution: Along the vegetables garden, he built a rabbit nursery, taught children how to take care of the rabbits and gave a couple of rabbits to 100 families making sure that they will give back 2 rabbits after 2 months.

    Green Walls - how to grow food in urban environment or around your house ?

    Green walls

    Much material regarding green walls has been developed during the Connectedness and Leadership Course. Here is a work of one of the certified participant

    How to teach children to purify water ?

    Biosand filter


    The challenge
    Students were suffering from water born diseases caused by drinking unsafe water in the school and at home. This affected their learning in school and regular duties as well as faced with huge medical bills.


    The Solutions

    Students were trained on how to make and maintain Biosand Water Filter. They were able to pass this knowledge and skill to the community.



    Students and members of the community are now able to attend school and their regular duties with less or no disruption caused by water born diseases and at the same time access safe drinking water at a cheaper cost and less or zero medical bill.


    Visit of the President of Kenya
    President of Kenya H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta listens to the students explaining how the Filter works and even tastes the water.

    How to help children refugees coming from conflicted areas

    Nurturing the spirit of childhood in conflict and war striken areas

    The Challenge: children who have been traumatized by war and conflict
    The Solution: A pre-school teacher from Switzerland developed a way of working with (more)

    What does it take to build a sustainable civilization with modern comforts?

    Open Source is not just software

    Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters that for the last two years has been creating the Global Village Construction Set, an open source, low-cost, high performance technological platform that allows for the easy, DIY fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a sustainable civilization with modern comforts.


    The GVCS lowers the barriers to entry into farming, building, and manufacturing and can be seen as a life-size lego-like set of modular tools that can create entire economies, whether in rural Missouri, where the project was founded, in urban redevelopment, or in the developing world.

    How to lighten houses that are dark even during daytime?

    Build a solar bottle bulb

    The communities who benefit from this idea live in areas where the houses hardly have windows and live in darkness even during daytime. Their solution up until this innovation was to turn on the light bulb and use electricity.

    Alfredo Moser, the inventor of the lamp says:

    It's a divine light. God gave the sun to everyone, and light is for everyone. Whoever wants it saves money. You can't get an electric shock from it, and it doesn't cost a penny.

    Instructions on how to build a solar bottle bulb

    Purchase his book

    How to power a family's home ?

    Building a windmill

    At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family's home. Now at 22, William Kamkwamba, who speaks at TED, here, for the second time, shares in his own words the moving tale of invention that changed his life.

    To power his family's home, young William Kamkwamba built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap -- starting him on a journey detailed in the book "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" and the new film, "William and the Windmill." (more in Ted)

    How to protect the cattle from lion attacks ?

    Solar-powered solution invented by 13-year-old Richard Turere

    Richard Turere, 13, doesn't like lions. "I grew up hating lions very much," says Turere, who is from Kitengela, just south of the capital Nairobi, Kenya. "They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping."

    At the age of 11, Richard decided it was time to find a solution for protecting the family's cows, goats and sheep from being eaten by lions.

    "One day, when I was walking around," he says, "I discovered that the lions were scared of the moving light."

    He started to work on a system and despite the fact that had never received any training in electronics or engineering, he came up with a simple and low-cost system to scare the predators away. He arranged a series of flashing LED bulbs wired to switches and a car battery powered by a solar panel. It worked, since then his family has not lost any livestock.


    "One thing that's unique about Richard is that if you give him a problem, he'll keep working at it until he can fix it," says leading Kenyan conservationist Paula Kahumbu. "He doesn't give up; he doesn't find things too difficult; he's not afraid of being unable to do something and I think this is why he is such a good innovator."

    More details on CNN

    How to face drugs, alcohol, violence and child labor in a slum ?

     Musical instruments made from trash

    In the barrios of Paraguay, a humble garbage picker uses his ingenuity to craft instruments out of recycled materials - and a youth orchestra is born. Music arises and children find new dreams.
    A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.

    How to heat a room for little money


    Using 2 or more clay pots of different sizes, a metal cake pan or bricks and small candles.

    This awesome idea works on convection, which is accomplished by the air moving around between the two clay pots. This helps create a forced air effect which pushes the hot air around the room. 

    Honeybees and the bio-dynamic way to save them

    TOP expert: Yossi Aud

    This growing method is substantially friendlier towards the bees in comparison to industrial beekeeping. This method allows the bees to live sustainably, consume their own products and to stay healthier. Another aim of these centers is to encourage and promote growing bees on the city’s rooftops. In this way the centers aid in the re-establishment of honey bees to the city and the environment in general.

  • Visit TOP Kenya Website

    Founding Members:

    TOP Kenya Founding Members are 6 NGOs and companies that have gone through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) training and wish to continue their efforts. They provide solutions to challenges such as hunger, water, violence, prisoners' reinsertion, microfinancing and more. Here is a very short sample of their activities and below more details.

    • RODI (Resource Oriented Development Initiative): works with schools and prisons: prisoners grow their own food, and become permaculture specialists, They become leaders in their community when they leave prison,
    • YARD: works with young girls at risk / prostitutes and teaches them to work in cosmetic salons/hairdressers. 
    • SHOPHAR: a former headmaster whose school and water purification system was visited by the President of Kenya. James Otieno presented ESD at the UN in 2016.
    • ELIMU TV: broadcasts educational content to children who can't afford to go to school
    • SCOPE: a network of 18 NGOs introducing permaculture in schools
    • KWEN: a network of 4000 women entrepreneurs with table banking and micro financing in Bomet area

    Elimu TV

    Nairobi, Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Enabling Education for All Children and Youth through ICT/Media


    Contact: Jane Muthiga


    KWEN, Konyon Wenditai Empowerment Network

    KWEN, Konyon Wenditai Empowerment Network

    Bomet Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member


    The leading National Women Network in Women Empowerment in Kenya



    To holistically empower the community

    Our vision:

    We envision an empowered and productive society


    Contact: Angela Lesan, Lily Cronoh Koech
    Email: alesan@kwen.org, lilyronoh@kwen.org


    Kisumu Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    The word “Shophar” is Hebrew word meaning horn or trumpet (Britannica Encyclopedia) To the Hebrew mind horns were potent symbols (Bill Bratt) and horns were blown:
    on joyful occasions
    to confuse enemies
    at the beginning of every month
    to call sacred assembly
    as the sound of war
    Shophar Kenya, metaphorically shall make a breakthrough for ESD within the SDG’s remaining period for communities to embrace change for sustainable development as we “blow” the Shophar during implementation. The Shophar shall be “blown” to break “walls” that prevent sustainable social, economic, environmental and cultural development of our society like the walls of biblical Jericho that fell down when the Shophar was blown (Joshua 6:1ff) – and the enemies fled away.
    Kisumu City, Nyamasaria, opposite Nyamasaria Pr. School.
    P.O. Box 2038 Kisumu 40100
    Tel: +254 722 589003, +254 733 980229


    Muranga Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Existing solutions:
    Water, Health, Education

    The community should be encouraged to harvest rain water to cater for their daily use.

    In terms of Health the community has been able to learn how to wash their hands after visiting the toilets and before eating.

    Children should be taught on practical Skills at a tender age.

    Contact: Sebastian Maina
    Email: mainaseb@yahoo.com

    Resources Oriented Development Initiatives

    Kiambu Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI Kenya) is a kenyan development organization with a primary focus on restorative prisoner rehabilitation, crime prevention and administration of justice.

    RODI Kenya has a mission of promoting human dignity among communities in Kenya and Eastern Africa countries through enhanced food security, health and crime prevention.

    Contact:Eliud Ngunjiri

    Email: eliud.ngunjiri @yahoo.com

    Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme

    Thika Kenya

    TOP Kenya Founding Member

    SCOPE Kenya, which is a network of 18 civil society organizations, work with schools and communities in 11 counties. We promote an integrated and holistic approach to land use for food production, income generation and environmental conservation, something that our school curriculum lack.


    Contact : John Macharia – SCOPE
    Email: scope@scopekenya.net or scopekenya7@gmail.com

  • TOP Centers in the world


    We'll get back to you

    1255 23rd St., NW
    Suite 275
    Washington, DC 20037
  • Connectedness & Leadership Training Course
    3rd Edition - Feb 15-16, 2019 in Kisumu, Kenya

    TOP is leading for the third year a “Connectedness and Leadership" course for community leaders & entrepreneurs from the region of Kisumu of Kenya, that took place Feb 15/16 2019, continuing with a hands on project and ending with a presentation and graduation within 6 months to one year. Download flyer

    The objectives of this course were to:

    • Move from the 'victim/needy mindset' into the prosumer/doer mindset, create your own job & become a successful entrepreneur.
    • Start making electronic devices with Arduino & Raspberry PI.
    • Build your own Linux Distribution, servers...
    • Start programming - Scratch, Python...

    Participants may then create or join TOP centers so that solutions to challenges can be spread all over the country.


    The vision of TOP Kenya is to develop young leadership of youth that can connect:
    · Low-tech and High-tech
    · Permaculture and ICT
    · Human being and Mother nature
    · Their inner needs and abilities to outside challenges
    · The courage to think and act outside and inside the box.
    · Soil and Soul


    Target population

    Community leaders & young entrepreneurs. Best if the participants have some technical background and are affiliated to one of the 6 TOP Kenya Founding Members (Elimu TV Station. YARD Kenya, SCOPE Kenya, RODI, SHOPHAR and KWEN) or they can come independently after interview.


    TOP Kenya Founding Members:
    in Kisumu:
    James Otieno @SHOPHAR Kenya Tel:0722589003

    John Macharia @ SCOPE Tel:0724 628386
    Eliud Ngunjiri @RODI Tel:0722307576
    Lily Koech @KWEN Tel:0722770456
    Sebastian Maina @YARD Tel:0721584891
    Jane Muthiga @Elimu TV Tel:0723 144259


    About the previous edition of the course in 2018

    3 main training options: creating Green-walls, Food Upcycling & Creating documentaries

    • Creating Green-Walls
      Learn how to build a green wall using local materials .With the green wall technology, a space measuring six-feet tall with a width of 3.5 feet can comfortably supply a family of two with enough vegetables and fruits throughout the week. Job creation and business opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow and sell organic vegetables.

    • Upcycle food

      How can we transform all the parts of the plants including wastes so they will feed our soul, soil and body for food security. New understanding on how to transform what we produce into healthy food, organic cosmetics and how to preserve 100% of your plants. e.g. What to do with Mango peels, avocado seeds so it will serve you all year around. Business opportunity for entrepreneurs and to create new markets.

    • Creating Documentaries
      Understand the potential of communication and media, learn how to tell a story and start using tools (even with just a smart phone) to create documentaries. Each team of 3 participants will create a 3 min video clip on green-walls or about TOP.

    About the previous edition of the course in 2017

    Each participant received a kit including a Raspberry PI3 subcomputer and electronic devices such as a humidity sensor. Participants were divided into groups and had to build a green wall providing food in urban environments (plants in recycled material with an automated irrigation system). This way, young adults were introduced to permaculture by using technology.The feedback session showed that the leadership training is having impressive results in areas as diverse as the building of green walls ( Here is a work of one of the certified participant) and the development and implementation of a viable business plan for a TV broadcasting service. Other participants developed a Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) using the kit they received. Another one is working on the process to upcycle plastic into usable material such as oil and already made a demo.

    Feedback - Samples:

    Abner Otieno (SHOPHAR): Have you ever wondered how it would feel when all the years you spent in school were reduced to one week and the hard things now were more than possible but now a reality? That is the definition of the TOP week training where school is redone to fit the needs of our daily lives.

    Christopher Ondigi (YARD): I feel transformed like those who have received Jesus Christ their lives. I have shifted from “I cannot do it” to “I can, I am and am done”. With too many gaps in Kenya and the whole world at large, I am destined to fill as much as I can with the knowledge I have acquired at TOP-utilizing my brains to maximum potential.

    George Karema (YARD): Top kenya is an avenue I can use to explore and expound(transcend)on my potential in leadership, creativity, innovation, exposure to technology among others. It is a platform where we as youth(I included) can get to share knowledge as we tackle the problems facing the community or the country at large. As we endeavor to help the community by providing solutions, we also get to develop ourselves.


  • What's new? TOP Blog

    News & updates about TOP

    TOP Kenya and TOP Global have launched TOP eXperience and organized this last summer a tour of Kenya: A tour of Kenya A trip to Kenya, situated on the equator, offers a wealth of opportunities and is a perfect platform for an unforgettable, inspiring adventure. It’s a combination of a...
    Global Forum organized by Sylviane Toporkoff and Sebastien Levy Mr. Philippe Scheimann, co-founder of TOPGlobal, delivered a testimony on sustainable development and digital transformation through the example of the coffee e-farming in Kenya. The coffee industry today Mr Scheimann started his...
    TOP Kenya continues to organize certification ceremonies for the 2nd Edition of the "Connectedness & Leadership" Course. This time it took place on 13 November, 2018 at 10 am at the Karura Forest Primary School, Nairobi From the look of things, it appeared that the room was full of trash and to...
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  • Challenges

    Gathering life challenges - first list


    Water is the driving force of all nature.
    – Leonardo da Vinci

    How to:


    • Purify polluted water
    • Provide water

    Health & Well-being

    How to:

    • Improve the health of  learners
    • Improve the economic status of parents
    • Improve children's diets
    • Supplement lunch programs supported by parents
    • Understand why girls absent themselves from school for some days each month
    • Understand what causes fainting in school



    Toward renewable energy sources
    How to:

    • Brighten houses that are dark even during daytime
    • Heat a room for little money
    • Charge a cellular phone
    • Upcycle plastic: turn used plastic into diesel


    "Education is the only way we can make our world a better place."

    – Yanush Korczak

    How to:

    • Empower people with disabilities
    • Change negative attitudes
    • Clean up the environment
    • Deal with an education system that fails to equip young people with relevant knowledge and practical skills

    Tuning into the future

    How to:

    • Train people in PermaTech: Permaculture+HiTech 
    • Build a green wall and provide food
    • Govern by Value thanks to DEMS
    • Make the most of open source software & hardware: e.g a Raspberry PI sub-computer
    • Maker's room
    • TOP coins as an alternate currency
  • How to join

    Friends of TOP Global

    Friends of TOP Kenya

    How to become a Friend of TOP Kenya ?
    1. Financial contribution
    By sending a financial contribution to TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya.
    Support students to register to the next Connectedness & Leadership Course. Donations (tax-deductible) are through Paypal to be sent to donate@iwa.org or through TOP Kenya Mpesa: 0722589003 . Contact James Otieno
    2. Support initiative
    By providing a support for initiatives (e.g. start-ups) of TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya.
    3. Expertise
    By providing some expertise as a professional volunteer, abilities and resources to TOP Kenya, you become a Friend of TOP Kenya


    TOP Members

    1. How to become a Member of TOP Kenya ?
    - Each founding member of one of the 6 founding organizations is a member
    - Each participant of the Connectedness & Leadership Course who has received a signed certificate is a member
    - Any individual interested to become a member must go through a workshop or a course organized by TOP Kenya with the possible presence of TOP Global.
    It involves practical actions to be defined when taking the course.
    2. In-kind services
    Each certified member is expected to give back to TOP Kenya through in-kind services
    3. Future Workshops
    TOP Kenya will organize regularly workshops and courses that people attend actively and thus become members
    4. Payments
    Payments of the workshop and financial contributions to TOP Kenya organized by James Otieno (TOP Kenya coordinator)
    5. Newsletter
    A quarterly newsletter will be sent to TOP members as well as TOP friends.

    Contact us

    TOP Partners

    A general MOU to be signed with each of the organization. Then each project and initiative to be tackled independently.


    TOP eXperience

    Would you like to be inspired by visiting:
    - Kenya and meeting remarkable people and wild animals ?
    - Israel, the holy places and its technology
    Check for more details

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